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About Baby Music Therapy

For generations, music has been known to calm the mind, soothe the soul and heal the body.
Modern day music therapy for babies is the use of specific sound patterns to encourage a particular change in mood or behaviour.

Research suggests that music for babies based on a soft, regular tempo of 60 beats per minute encourages calm, regular breathing which can evoke a positive response in the listener - even babies in the womb.

As such pre-natal music therapy may help ease the transition from womb to outside world, create a familiar and secure environment for babies and encourage early bonding between mother and child, particularly if played during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Many crèches and hospitals use music therapy as a stress reduction technique for infants and music therapy has also been credited with helping stabilise the heart rate and oxygen intake of premature babies which in turn helps the baby to grow.

Music therapy is also thought to promote creativity and imagination in babies, young children and adults alike.

About Peace Baby

Innovative House is an integrated marketing and content development company, who specialises in lifestyle products and brands.

We are proud to present the Peace Baby and Baby2 range of products, designed to help mothers, babies and toddlers alike.

The Peace Baby music CDs will promote calmness and serenity both during pregnancy, and after birth, while the Peace baby Musical Dolls are perfect for soothing young bubs.

Baby2 currently hosts four educational DVDs, all with a niche focus to help your baby learn.

For more information about Innovative House or any of our products, please contact us.