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“Hi, I have recently purchased the Peace Baby CD. Within minutes of it playing for the very first time my 7wk old baby settled instantly into a beautiful deep sleep after being unsettled for over an hour. Fantastic product will be recommending it to many other mums.”

“I am a mum of a very unsettled 2 month old. I would just like to say your array of beautiful calming music and sounds is most helpful. I can't believe how soothing the sounds are for crying baby. It has really helped to calm her down. She also has the doll, which also has soothing sounds. I just wish more mothers would take the chance with your product as it works miracles that i was very sceptical about.”

"Thank you. I really think Musical Doll is a fantastic product and it worked really well at getting our daughter off to sleep. Your CDs with music for babies are great."

"I didn't think the Peace Baby CDs would work on my two year old as I thought they only worked for very young babies... but I have been pleasantly suprised! My (not so little) girl relates the Peace Baby music with sleep time and helps her get to sleep much quicker."

"I bought the Peace Baby dolls for my friends babies for Christmas last year and have only heard good things from them since! I initially bought them because I thought they were cute (I didn't know if they actually worked)... but from all reports I've heard, they are miracle dolls!"

"Thanks sooooooo much Peace Baby! I can't believe how quickly my baby got to sleep as soon as I put on the Peace Baby Volume 2: Post Birth CD! No more rocking her to sleep for hours on end!!! THANKS!"

"The Peace Baby Doubld Cd is a amazing. I bought it and only after one day my little girl got used it and only goes to sleep when we now play it. Even my wife now thinks it's a good idea." Michael.

"Finally, a product that actually works! We used a number of CDs on the market, but none did the trick, accept for Peace Baby. Our son Conner loves it and settles easily. We love it too"